Secondhand Radio has been elevating live music to new heights for well over a decade.
This professional band has consistently evolved and innovated from the start, having started from humble, small-town beginnings and grown to playing major
Cleveland-based shows at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, RoverFest, morning broadcasts on Fox 8, and many more.

We’ve logged hundreds of shows, ranging from festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate events, and even openers for national acts.
This is a cover band that plays top 40 with a bit of mystery and edge to it!

Secondhand Radio prides itself in rarely presenting the exact same show twice, often mixing up entire set lists and throwing curveballs that pay off for all audiences in a big way! Everything you hear and see comes to you from the five unique band members, including dynamic lights that make each performance feel like a sold out show; professional audiophile quality sound; genre-defying performances and exciting set list variations, including new songs that are added weekly. No two shows are identical, yet you’ll swear it sounds like the rad—better…than the radio.

Contact us today for a completely original take on the original music of others! Oh, did we mention we get butts out of seats? Dancing may be recommended but not required.


Moose C


Mike G


Ryan M


Paul O


Joe M